Woodland Theme Ornament

OK, I’m making some changes to my holiday décor this year. I’ll admit, I’m a gal who loves clean, simple, and classic design. I have a “Martha Stewart” tree that I am super proud of and love so much… but I decided to start adding some ornaments with more meaning and ones that have a story to tell. Soooo, SLOWLY, I will start to add crafts I’ve made either solo or with kids and we’ll have “The Nott Family Tree” DIY can still be clean and simple, even if done with the kids.


So today I got together with my girlfriend Eva, along with the kids, and had a super fun crafting play date. Although the kids we more interested in playing together than crafting, it was some great momma time, sipping delicious tea, having #momtruths and doing what we love…… getting our craft on!

So here’s what you need to make these fantastic woodland ornaments:

  1. Round wooden medallions. (we found these at Urban Source on Main St in Vancouver and you can find similar ones at Michaels)
  2. Crafting paint, any colors you choose! We used black, gold, navy and some glitter.
  3. Drill 3/16″ (for holes in medallions)
  4. Stencils (we used these super cute ones by Hand Made Modern, found at Target. They were peel n stick so super easy to use and prevented bleeding)
  5. Ribbon, Yarn or twine
  6. Paint/foam brushes


The steps are pretty easy! Drill the holes, place the stencil, and paint! We got a little creative and blotted white paint on the bottom of a couple and added a bit of pearl color to mimic glistening snow. I also added the glitter to the antlers. Get creative!


We’re setting up the tree this weekend and I cant wait to put these up with the kids!


Happy Holidays and Happy Decorating!!!

Danielle xx


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