Heirloom TeePee

If you have been following our recent posts, you’ll know that I’m all about heirloom pieces and bringing sentimental bits of the past back to life. To share stories of my family heritage and ensure my kiddos know a little bit about where they came from.

I first met Meghan of WoodlandWovens last year at the grand opening of Little Bean & Co. She was set up there showcasing her beautiful heirloom teepees and I knew right away I had to have one. Shortly thereafter, as I was cleaning out our closet, the idea to incorporate little pieces of my mom’s wedding dress came to mind… and from there, I thought, why not add pieces of mine along with my mother in laws. The vision was there and I just needed the right person to bring it life. I trusted Meghan wholeheartedly and gave her full creative to do what she wanted. It turned out amazing and I am over the moon with how it all came together!


Pictured above: the green ties were taken were taken from the ring bearer pillows my grandma made and the outer lace from my mom’s wedding dress.

Pictured below: my mother in-laws shawl accents the top of the opening of the teepee doors and the buttons cascade down from the very top.


WoodlandWovens created a timeless piece for our daughter Ashlyn. It a little private space for her in her room where she can relax, read, and dream.



We loved sharing this unique piece with you and hope you enjoyed it! Its an incredibly special piece to me and I hope it is to Ashlyn as well. My hope is for her to pass along to her daughter one day along with the stories of me and her grandmas. It’ll get stained, it’ll get torn, and each one of those “flaws” will bring a story along with it!

Thanks so much for following along and allowing us to share with you!!

Danielle xx


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