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Monkey & Peanut Box Crafting

Photo 2017-03-05, 11 39 39 AM


When we designed the packaging for our children’s belts line, we thought eco-friendly and reusable. We wanted kids to be able to reuse the box with either ideas we gave them or let them get creative and come up with their own inspiration!

The kids and I recently watched the move “Up”…. you know…. the one with the lovely old man that ties 100’s of helium balloons to his house and flies to his paradise. I LOVE this movie although it made me cry. Seems since becoming a mom, I do that quite often! Who’s with me??? Lol.

And so as we watched the show, my son Ethan wanted an air balloon. We had just come back Refresh Kids market and I happened to have a bath tub full of helium balloon left over from our display. And so….. we made an air balloon!


Pictured above: using our M&P box, simply make 4 holes with thread string through.

Photo 2017-03-05, 2 17 00 PM


Photo 2017-03-05, 2 18 54 PM (1)


Photo 2017-03-05, 2 18 33 PM

A fun way to reuse our packaging! And you really could do this with anything. If you’ve got left over balloons from a birthday party and a paper cup…. you could do the same craft.

Our kids love crafting and we’re always looking for new ideas and projects! We’d love to hear any ideas and we’ve got a fun kids campaign going! Share your kids ideas, and we will feature it on our blog! We’ll choose a winner and give away a $30 Monkey&Peanut gift card!

Danielle xx




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