Hello! I’m Danielle, a busy mom to Ethan (4), Ashlyn (1.5), and Sophie (8 yr old wrinkle faced, snorting bulldog!) A wife to Darren, the one who keeps me grounded and if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be able to explore this journey. A daughter to a single dad and sister to two amazing brothers. My life is busy as I am sure so many moms can relate! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I strive to find a balance between enjoying time with my husband, raising my kids to be amazing human beings, providing income for my family, finding time for my personal well being & fitness…. the list goes on and on.

My career in the dental industry for 17 years has been an incredible journey, however, the creative bug inside was dying to get out and after a long hard look at my career, I realized I was giving 150% of my energy and time to someone else’s dream. I stopped and thought…. what could I accomplish if I took just a little of that energy and put it into something for myself, that fed my desire to create and took my years of business management and it applied it to my own business. What could happen? I had to find out. And so Monkey and Peanut began. A fun loving company focused on not only offering trendy and cool accessories for kids, but inspiring them as well. We started this company to have FUN, be inspired ourselves and to get more involved with our community. We’d love to have you follow along on our journey!

Danielle xx

Photo Credit: Whitelinenphotographers