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Lovely Valentine Cookies

This was on my bake day bucket list. I’m sure we’ve all seen these amazing cookies everywhere by incredibly talented bakers and I’m in awe of them! I always wanted to play around with decorative icing. So, first try…. FAR FROM PERFECT, but I’m super proud of them and my kids think they’re awesome, and so does my mother in law… so its a win!



So on a snowed in Saturday I got my bake on. The goal was simply to try flooding. I watched a You Tube video last week and thought, how hard can it be??? Well, it’s not easy! As my goal was the decorating, and I had a little 2hr window while the little miss napped, I bought Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix and kept that easy peasy.

I wanted to do step by step photos, but seriously, if you all saw my kitchen and the absolute mayhem (caused by 3 piping bags with holes in them), it simply wasn’t worth posting! And so, ill share the recipes! You can go make your own mess.


Again, not perfect! The edges are rough and we definitely had an air bubble, or two, or three! This has inspired me to keep trying this technique! I’ve learned so far, it must be about the perfect consistency and I’m sure there are some incredible bakers out there that have lots of tips…. so comment below! I’d love to hear your tricks!

For me, I used a simple Royal Icing recipe for the outline and just thinned it out with water to do the flooding.

Royal Icing:

3 c. icing sugar, 2 egg white, 1 tsp lemon, 1 tsp vanilla. Mix until peaks form.

Flood Icing: slowly add water little a time until it slowly drips off a spoon. Let stand 20mins to help reduce bubble.

I used a piping bags for the outline with Royal Icing and filled squeeze bottles with the flood icing. The hard part was doing all the icing, 2 consistencies, in 3 different colors. That got messy. And all working as quickly as I could so it wouldn’t dry out.




The fun part. Adding the details. Not so simply, filling cookie with one color, then adding drops of an accent color. I did polka dots, a herringbone design and hearts. Using a scribing tooth (aka toothpick) I pulled the end all the way through for the herringbone and through each individual polka dot to make the hearts. See this You Tube video for my inspiration! She makes it look so easy!!!

I’m looking forward to trying this again real soon! For now, these little munchkins enjoy momma’s little experiment! Hope everyone gets to enjoy some sweet treats this Valentines Day!

Danielle xx







Heirloom TeePee

If you have been following our recent posts, you’ll know that I’m all about heirloom pieces and bringing sentimental bits of the past back to life. To share stories of my family heritage and ensure my kiddos know a little bit about where they came from.

I first met Meghan of WoodlandWovens last year at the grand opening of Little Bean & Co. She was set up there showcasing her beautiful heirloom teepees and I knew right away I had to have one. Shortly thereafter, as I was cleaning out our closet, the idea to incorporate little pieces of my mom’s wedding dress came to mind… and from there, I thought, why not add pieces of mine along with my mother in laws. The vision was there and I just needed the right person to bring it life. I trusted Meghan wholeheartedly and gave her full creative to do what she wanted. It turned out amazing and I am over the moon with how it all came together!


Pictured above: the green ties were taken were taken from the ring bearer pillows my grandma made and the outer lace from my mom’s wedding dress.

Pictured below: my mother in-laws shawl accents the top of the opening of the teepee doors and the buttons cascade down from the very top.


WoodlandWovens created a timeless piece for our daughter Ashlyn. It a little private space for her in her room where she can relax, read, and dream.



We loved sharing this unique piece with you and hope you enjoyed it! Its an incredibly special piece to me and I hope it is to Ashlyn as well. My hope is for her to pass along to her daughter one day along with the stories of me and her grandmas. It’ll get stained, it’ll get torn, and each one of those “flaws” will bring a story along with it!

Thanks so much for following along and allowing us to share with you!!

Danielle xx


Woodland Theme Ornament

OK, I’m making some changes to my holiday décor this year. I’ll admit, I’m a gal who loves clean, simple, and classic design. I have a “Martha Stewart” tree that I am super proud of and love so much… but I decided to start adding some ornaments with more meaning and ones that have a story to tell. Soooo, SLOWLY, I will start to add crafts I’ve made either solo or with kids and we’ll have “The Nott Family Tree” DIY can still be clean and simple, even if done with the kids.


So today I got together with my girlfriend Eva, along with the kids, and had a super fun crafting play date. Although the kids we more interested in playing together than crafting, it was some great momma time, sipping delicious tea, having #momtruths and doing what we love…… getting our craft on!

So here’s what you need to make these fantastic woodland ornaments:

  1. Round wooden medallions. (we found these at Urban Source on Main St in Vancouver and you can find similar ones at Michaels)
  2. Crafting paint, any colors you choose! We used black, gold, navy and some glitter.
  3. Drill 3/16″ (for holes in medallions)
  4. Stencils (we used these super cute ones by Hand Made Modern, found at Target. They were peel n stick so super easy to use and prevented bleeding)
  5. Ribbon, Yarn or twine
  6. Paint/foam brushes


The steps are pretty easy! Drill the holes, place the stencil, and paint! We got a little creative and blotted white paint on the bottom of a couple and added a bit of pearl color to mimic glistening snow. I also added the glitter to the antlers. Get creative!


We’re setting up the tree this weekend and I cant wait to put these up with the kids!


Happy Holidays and Happy Decorating!!!

Danielle xx


Her room… My sanctuary.

Wow. We finally did it!!! Adding a blog to our brand has been on my list of to-do’s all summer! As the first day of fall has come and gone…. I was determined to get this going!

And the first thing to share? My love of creating, decorating, DIY-ing and taking something from past and giving it life again. All of these things were incorporated when I got to put together Ashlyn’s nursery. It’s a place for her to sleep, play, grow, read and so much more. AND,  it’s this momma’s sanctuary. My place of serenity. Where I give her a bubba, rock her to sleep and sing her all sorts of songs that are made up on the spot. (I’m the worst.. I know hardly any lullabies except Twinkle Little Star…. but I am amazing at making up random, cute, and absolute nonsense songs!)


The first project I took on when I found out we were having a girl… was the crib bedding. I searched high and low the perfect bumper that would fit with vision. And, of course, impossible. So I made my own with the help of my incredibly talented grandma. I bought an IKEA standard white bumper and covered it with this beautiful vintage feel pattern. Added some satin ties… and voila! We also retro fitted a beautiful waffle print bed skirt to line the bottom. It turned out amazing!


Along with making my own pieces, I add little bits from the past. Featured above: my own baby blanket. I found it tucked away at my dad’s in our old family cedar chest, and it went just perfect in Ashlyn’s room.


The dresser: an old vintage find from Craigslist. We were so limited on space in this room. And finding the perfect dresser had its challenges! This beauty popped up and I was beyond thrilled. I had my husband repaint it and lightly distress the edges. I also found some great custom knobs at a local restoration store in North Vancouver.

Dresser: Craigslist find. Chair: Ikea (husband removed legs and mounted to a swivel rocker) Knit Blanket: Handmade by Great Grandma.


Its all in the small details. And I love the all the small things that bring this room together.

Shelf: Winners. Gold foil heart: Kardz Couture Baby photos: Ashylns’ grandmas. Birds: designed by myself, birch branch decorated with silk flowers and stuffed birds.


We hope you enjoyed reading our first post and learning a little more about the people behind the brand! As promised, here’s the online discount code BLOG15

Danielle xx