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Monkey & Peanut Box Crafting

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When we designed the packaging for our children’s belts line, we thought eco-friendly and reusable. We wanted kids to be able to reuse the box with either ideas we gave them or let them get creative and come up with their own inspiration!

The kids and I recently watched the move “Up”…. you know…. the one with the lovely old man that ties 100’s of helium balloons to his house and flies to his paradise. I LOVE this movie although it made me cry. Seems since becoming a mom, I do that quite often! Who’s with me??? Lol.

And so as we watched the show, my son Ethan wanted an air balloon. We had just come back Refresh Kids market and I happened to have a bath tub full of helium balloon left over from our display. And so….. we made an air balloon!


Pictured above: using our M&P box, simply make 4 holes with thread string through.

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A fun way to reuse our packaging! And you really could do this with anything. If you’ve got left over balloons from a birthday party and a paper cup…. you could do the same craft.

Our kids love crafting and we’re always looking for new ideas and projects! We’d love to hear any ideas and we’ve got a fun kids campaign going! Share your kids ideas, and we will feature it on our blog! We’ll choose a winner and give away a $30 Monkey&Peanut gift card!

Danielle xx



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Lovely Valentine Cookies

This was on my bake day bucket list. I’m sure we’ve all seen these amazing cookies everywhere by incredibly talented bakers and I’m in awe of them! I always wanted to play around with decorative icing. So, first try…. FAR FROM PERFECT, but I’m super proud of them and my kids think they’re awesome, and so does my mother in law… so its a win!



So on a snowed in Saturday I got my bake on. The goal was simply to try flooding. I watched a You Tube video last week and thought, how hard can it be??? Well, it’s not easy! As my goal was the decorating, and I had a little 2hr window while the little miss napped, I bought Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix and kept that easy peasy.

I wanted to do step by step photos, but seriously, if you all saw my kitchen and the absolute mayhem (caused by 3 piping bags with holes in them), it simply wasn’t worth posting! And so, ill share the recipes! You can go make your own mess.


Again, not perfect! The edges are rough and we definitely had an air bubble, or two, or three! This has inspired me to keep trying this technique! I’ve learned so far, it must be about the perfect consistency and I’m sure there are some incredible bakers out there that have lots of tips…. so comment below! I’d love to hear your tricks!

For me, I used a simple Royal Icing recipe for the outline and just thinned it out with water to do the flooding.

Royal Icing:

3 c. icing sugar, 2 egg white, 1 tsp lemon, 1 tsp vanilla. Mix until peaks form.

Flood Icing: slowly add water little a time until it slowly drips off a spoon. Let stand 20mins to help reduce bubble.

I used a piping bags for the outline with Royal Icing and filled squeeze bottles with the flood icing. The hard part was doing all the icing, 2 consistencies, in 3 different colors. That got messy. And all working as quickly as I could so it wouldn’t dry out.




The fun part. Adding the details. Not so simply, filling cookie with one color, then adding drops of an accent color. I did polka dots, a herringbone design and hearts. Using a scribing tooth (aka toothpick) I pulled the end all the way through for the herringbone and through each individual polka dot to make the hearts. See this You Tube video for my inspiration! She makes it look so easy!!!

I’m looking forward to trying this again real soon! For now, these little munchkins enjoy momma’s little experiment! Hope everyone gets to enjoy some sweet treats this Valentines Day!

Danielle xx






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Monster Donuts


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We’re getting in the Hallowe’en spirit over here and we’re excited to share this fun treat with you all! I picked up the Today’s Parent magazine yesterday and saw this super fun recipe for Monster Donuts. It’s so easy and the perfect Hallowe’en recipe to do with the kiddos.

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We got up early this morning to get all the goodies needed! A trip to Michaels & Safeway and we were set. Here’s what you need:

  1. Premade unglazed donuts (Safeway has them in the bakery section)
  2. Sprinkles
  3. Candy Melt (or you could do a homemade icing, just to stick sprinkles on)
  4. Candy eyes (Michaels OR get creative with black/white icing)
  5. Gummy teeth (I searched everywhere for these, I ended up with gummy worms!


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Here’s what you do! Start by cutting small rectangle into the inside of the donut that you can sit the teeth in. This really didn’t work that well for me! I ended up actually just sitting them on top and it was fine. A girlfriend of mine thought a gala apple might work better to cut the triangles out of the teeth to make look like fangs… next time ill try that! But this was probably the hardest part. I couldn’t find the actual “teeth gummies” stated in the original recipe, so I ended up with gummy worms and did my best!

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Next, prep your candy melts or icing if you choose and apply a layer onto the top of the donut. Have your sprinkles ready to go for dipping!

And now the teeth and eyes! Apply a thin layer (ha! I used a GOB to make it really stay) to back of the teeth and the eyes. Place on top of the sprinkles.

And that’s it! Super fun, the kiddos loved it. It was hard keeping their tiny mitts off them until after dinner (although they easily snuck a few gummies and candy melt wafers to bounce off the walls for an hour) but they were so excited to eat them! Super easy, super fun and great way to spend some time with kids and get creative!


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Wishing everyone a fun and safe Hallowe’en!


Danielle xx